We offer our clients business advisory services aimed at improving the existing business and supporting the business restructuring process. Also, for business expansion or entry into a new investment, rather new investment cycle, we offer extensive experience and an analytical and individual approach to each project.

Bizplan Services

Investment study

Business plans, pre-investment studies and investment studies are documents that systematically and analytically shape business goals and ideas for a specified period as well as definingtheir financial and social effects. They are used for internal purposes or they are an integral part of the documentation related to external financing (banks, funds, ministries, grants, etc.). Our methodology is accepted by banks and other lenders and it is customized for each individual business venture. 

EU funds and grants

We prepare applications for EU funds for small, medium and large companies, OPG's, towns, municipalities and counties. Our services include research of project idea funding opportunities using structural funds, finding partners and preparing the applications.
We draw up applications in the following areas:

  • Environmental protection
  • Renewable Energy
  • Agriculture
  • Tourism
  • Innovation
  • Research and Development
  • IT
  • Competitiveness strengthening
  • Culture and Film Art

Consulting in Banking

Our main goal is to prepare projects in terms of developing an optimal financing model for them which includes drawing up feasibility studies for financing purposes and for providing support in negotiating with financial institutions as well as preparing the applications.

This includes:

  • Analysis of the project and its accompanying documentation
  • Assistance in selecting the optimal business model
  • Development of the optimal financing model which includes a feasibility study for lending purposes
  • Negotiation (together with investor) with financial institutions
  • Providing financial institutions with the necessary information, calculations and other information (if necessary)

Business and Financial Consulting

We provide support in:

  • Drawing up a development strategy and policies
  • Identifying business opportunities
  • Business planning
  • Cost Management
  • Business analysis and evaluation of business performance indicators
  • Developing a proposal of measures for business improvement
  • Due Diligence
  • Cost Benefit Analysis

Restructuring Programs

The restructuring program applies to businesses that:

  • want to change the maturity of funding sources
  • want to establish long-term financial balance
  • want to increase business stability and performance
  • want to create better prerequisites for new investments


One of the problems of newly established companies and small and medium-sized businesses is a lack of skilled individuals for certain areas of business, for occasional business activities or simply for offering new insight on the current situation.

Our "Rent-a-Manager" service is intended for entrepreneurs who need quick and efficient assistance with:

  • management
  • defining, analyzing and changing business processes
  • financial restructuring
  • crisis management